• Want a New, Stock 90 MPH Outerlimits? Performance Boat Center Makes it Attainable!

    Fast, Stock, Low Cost of Ownership, Attainable and Outerlimits Powerboats. Those worlds usually don’t go together. When I bought my boat I would probably of bought an Outerlimits but the budget made it unattainable for me. Now Brett Manire owner of Performance Boat Center has a solution. Today Brett told me that just his morning he ordered anther 36 Foot Outerlimits Super Leggara. This one Brett said “will be Stock. A 90 MPH Outerlimits with stock Mercury 8.2 Liter Mag HO’s, with a full multi year warranty, nice paint and amenities at a previously unattainable price point for an Outerlimits. Cost of ownership of this boat over the years will prove to bring an incredible value.”

    Performance Boat Center already has a 565 Mercury Racing 36 Super Leggara on order but Brett believes this stock version will be at such a lower price point it will make the difference and draw new buyers to this boat over comparable speed and quality offerings of other brands. “Being able to buy a 90 MPH Outerlimits that runs on 87 Octane and warranties. This is a boat to own for years.” said Brett.

    In other news from Performance Boat Center, just last weekend they held an open house that packed customers in and resulted in actual boat sales and the sales listing of a couple of new boats.

    Also in mid March the dozers will break ground on the new Marina and Red Head Yacht Club. Brett is very enthusiastic about the future and said things are booming at Lake of the Ozarks. “Marinas are expanding, new blood at the lake, buying boats and bringing new life to LOTO” said Brett.

    PowerBoatNation.com will of course be at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout and will continue to bring you news about these incredible Outerlimits Powerboats and happenings at Performance Boat Center!

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    Desert Storm Welcome Party

    Tonight at Lake Havasu the "Welcome Party" hosted by Oregon Custom Marine, brought in a few hundred industry folks as well as many poker run attendees. Food, fun, and camaraderie was enjoyed by all. Part of the showcase inside was that Mercury Racing was on hand with their mobile marketing truck .

    This event is a great way to start off a spectacular PowerBoating Weekend at Lake Havasu. Cool custom trucks, boats, cars and
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    PBN-Brad 14 Hours Ago

    Dean Loucks - Artist Extraordinaire Impressive Display At Desert Storm

    Dean Loucks Artist Extraordinaire has his impressive personal display set up at Desert Storm

    Deans work can be found all over the place. Many of the worlds most beautiful boats, motor homes, airplanes, helicopters, and even home appliances carry the Loucks signature. His art gallery Deans Place is full of incredible pieces.

    A statement of his success is evident in the magnificent Motorsports display
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    PBN-Brad 18 Hours Ago

    Desert Storms Leader Hospitalized Today

    Jim Nichols the man, the face, and the energy behind the famous Desert Storm Poker Run was hospitalized today with a bleeding ulcer and in the hospital under treatment. For 16 years Jim has led the way to create the most recognized performance boating event on the west coast. Tireless, relentless and as nice as they come, we sincerely wish Jim a speedy recovery.

    In true form Jim wont give up and even from his hospital bed he is connected
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    PBN-Brad 19 Hours Ago

    Lake Havasu Boaters Support New Horizons

    The Desert Storm Poker Run is underway and to kick off the event local boaters and poker run participants from afar turn up to support the 2nd Annual "Krusin' for Kids" event. Under-privileged and special needs children and adults were given boat rides around Lake Havasu. 18 volunteer boaters took their special guests out for a 'Kruse' around the lake, starting at the Nautical Beachfront Resort/Turtle Bar boat docks, and back again
    ... read more
    PBN-Brad 19 Hours Ago
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