• The 500+ Are Coming: The 2014 Engines to Watch in Miami

    The Mercury Racing 520

    As the industry is evolving so are the powerboats of today, and what makes this so significant is the fact the the engine and propulsion providers are really focusing on the 520, 525, 565, and 570 horsepower ranges. The primary reason is we've gotten to a point with engines that making those numbers reliably has been proven to be economical by no use of a supercharger and are still maintaining the best performance to fuel consumption ratios.

    But the real key reasons are we believe that these engines can provide such strong performance and speed levels from today's OEM engine builders at a more affordable cost than before. Especially in the case of the Mercury Racing 520. Modern hull construction and designs are making today's power boats faster and more stable with less power than before. These power levels are powering numerous boats into the 80-90mph range which makes for some truly exhilarating boating.

    From our stand point as an enthusiast, gear head, or horsepower junkie we find the most exciting point of view that these engines represent an amazing foundation to build from. Whether you look at the coming advancements of the LS family of engines what the folks at Ilmor 570 are building with that product or the latest Mercury Racing offerings.

    The Ilmor MV8 570

    When the new Mercury Racing 520 was released we stated it was one of the most significant new engine to come in some time. From many that was uncertain if that was taking a poke at it or truthful. So let me clear this up: It was most certainly truthful. Mercury has again, whether intended by design or not, provided the next foundation for performance engine building. These engine are built from excellent components and capable of far more than the originally intended application. These engines as time goes on will bring life to or the foundation of modified new 600, 700, and ??? horsepower versions.

    We as boaters did not have that option with the previous 8.1L 496 engine family as that engine was weak and merely a derivative of one of GM's truck engines. But Mercury's choice to built their own platform is going to make the new engines a hit not only because of the fact their an excellent product but that they will be in the future as well.
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