Last year we tested the limits of partying Ocean Drive style by hoisting the PBN CIGARETTE atop the roof of the pool bar at the legendary Clevelander Hotel on South Beach Ocean Drive, a feat that according to City of Miami Beach Officials was unheard of and onsite attendance rivaled that of Spring Breaks of the past. But this year it was all about testing the limits of excess and offering all of our PBN members an opportunity to really feel what the Miami Beach Night Life is all about.

Many who came to last years boat show party had some doubt we could do anything better than what went down at the Clevelander. With that in mind the challenge was on and we knew it had to be something special. You see, ever since our emergence into the power boating media world, only a mere two years ago we have changed all the rules and the game per-say as to how and where the power boating world gets its information as well as how we choose our sponsors to share their stories to be included within our very special powerboating community. In a time where others left, folded, slowed down and even stopped supporting their fans, members, and sponsors we kept the fires lit and payed for everyone to play.

MANSION MIAMI is a world famous nightclub that offers an experience unique to Miami Beach and flavored with beautiful excess. Those who made it called it an out of this world bash that was truly EPIC. Securing a venue like MANSION in they way PowerBoat Nation did it, has been untouchable by the industry and the commitment to them would be like saying its time to climb Everest. But “We Ain’t Scared” and the very big commitment to MANSION was something we just had to go ahead with . “Mansion” is a club that is regarded as the place for the Elite. As the Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Bentleys line the street out front it is they type of scene that would resemble a Grammy after party only we added a 38 CIGARETTE Top Gun and some big trucks to the lineup.

Making this happen for the Power Boating Community to us was one of our biggest feats yet and a very large financial gamble. But with the great support of everyone , we “Blew the roof off” as hundreds of PBN Members packed into the exclusive VIP area behind the DJ that overlooked the throngs of a thousand people partying like it was 1999.

Bottle service flowed like a high speed train with burning sparklers lighting the venue night attached to Magnums of Dom Perignon across the room. Beautiful acrobats and dancers swung from the ceiling and danced across nets overhead.

To all that attended you made the night what it became and we cant thank you enough for supporting us as all of YOU are what drives us to deliver.

If you couldn’t make it down we of course had pictures and video so you can take a look at what a PowerBoat Nation party really looks like. The Miami Boat Show time is the place for us to give back to the members and do things that have real meaning, Of course we are not alone in this commitment and there is no way we could have done it without the tremendous support and trust from the party sponsors.

These companies represent the very best in products and know how important the members of PBN are to them as consumers. Please recognize and support these great companies:

BBlades, CP Performance, Sunsation Power Boats, Performance Boat Center, Legend Marine Group, Total Dollar Insurance, Hardin Marine, Chief Performance, Goodwin Competition, Bam Marine as title sponsors andBoostpower along with Arneson as our sporting sponsors.