As the world continues to advance through technology we are ever baffled why so many things we purchase have such a short life span and when they go bad they aren’t even serviceable, they are just throwaways. Sadly, it is the new generation of corporate profits. You know those giant parent companies who build sporting goods and just happen to own marine products companies. Corporate growth has pushed for more profits for their shareholders by focusing on planned obsolescence.

Take a new sea pump on a late model black engine that literally just wears its self apart to destruction only to be thrown away and replaced. These folks, are a sign of the times.

This is also what has the aftermarket engine builder businesses thriving. The OEM’s focus their sights on a monopoly upon where they are the only servicing entity for their engines. In any reality you would think this was a crime but it’s the world we live in. Because of having no real competition and the fact that their engines are designed with throwaway components has driven the cost of ownership to the moon and beyond.

You see if you were to be a follower of the flock, the new wisdom is buy an OEM​ product because the​ thought is they would last longer and will be less expensive in the long run.​ OEM’s have even used “Warranty exclusions” as the new scapegoat. These unrealistic exclusions are like Obamacare, somewhere deep inside where it’s written you just have to find the pork.

For today’s better informed consumers they know that Perception ​isn’t likely reality? ​Thanks to the world wide web and media outlets like Powerboat Nation we investigate our reporting and even our supporters. We turn to the people making changes in the marketplace and ask whats real?

So we sat down and talk to Tommy Hofstetter and Ben Wiersum of [tooltip title=”chief”] Chief Hi-Performance[/tooltip]​ and we ran down the real numbers and​ where the ​reality is this.

The new​ big power turbo motors are expensive….costing on average 30% more than a​ comparable custom power package. ​For example the ​ Mercury Racing 1350 is $185,000 and a comparable​ horsepower​ Chief Engine is $130,000. The Mercury Engine is built from​ completely propriety parts and components that ​cannot be bought individually, modified,​ or otherwise ​obtained. This is the previous “Planned Obsolescence”. ​ ​Now take for example ​the Chief Hi-Performance Engine ​that utilizes all premium top of the line​ parts and components that are available from manufactures and regular vendors ​world wide. These engines feature proven time tested parts ​that ​are easily obtainable and​ serviced.

The most significant part of the custom engine deal is the team of guys in the shop building the power. You can talk to them and they talk to you. If you have a question, a concern, a special request, or need for a special application, it can be done and done in a timely and efficient manner. The high end OEM deal is not going to even begin to provide this level of service.

Reliability and resale remains the other continual discussion point for all of this. Perception or Reality? Reality is the perception is real. Customers ​originally think they ​want OEM because​ the OEM has marketed to them like a caffeine energy drink markets its health benefits.​ They have been told it’s better. ​While ​Customers have​ also had terrible results with some custom builders​ as we’re not claiming all that glitters is gold. But like in every industry the cream rises to the top.​

OEM or Custom… Who wants to be just another stock option on the dock…