We could say where there is a will there is a way, or maybe we just say why? In fact we wanted an answer to both. At a recent industry show I stopped to visit one of our first real supporters CP Performance and I was stopped in my tracks at these wicked hydraulic lifting and lowering engine stands.

I first thought was that these are incredible but my second thought was for what? These things look to cost about the same amount as building a race car chassis. A few inquires later and I was informed that to meet transportation requirements that they turned to Rick Bourns, CP’s head of design in their in -house fab shop for a solution.

RIck said that he was presented with the problem and set out for a solution that would be innovative yet functional. Starting with a clean sheet of engineering paper and obviously a no real budget Rick designed and fabricated these stands in house incorporating their self contained polished stainless steel ram, battery system, hydraulic pump and super duty wheel, each stand was windowed and lightened at every point and finished off in a satin wrinkle finish.

So next time you’re at a boat show and want to see the latest and greatest in what the marine industry has to offer then visit the CP booth and take a look at not only the parts but the work these guys go to to present them to us all.

I say kudos to the guys at CP! In the end I think these guys currently hold world domination when it comes to coolest engine stand/display and check out the video of them working below. If you’ve seen something better we want to hear from you!