Todd Trolinger had been celebrating the 4th of July on Lake Jordan in Alabama for years. For many of those years he had repeatedly seen a jet boat named “Squirtcha!” in a friend’s barn and had never seen it move. After a few years had past he finally asked about the boat only to learn that it had already been sold to someone in Florida. As fate would have it, some things are meant to be, and a couple of weeks later his friend called to let him know the Florida buyer backed out and Todd quickly became the new owner of “Squirtcha!”. It is a FORD powered 1975 Cheetah, 460 Stroker bored .030 block 429/325 hp, 750 Holley Carburetor, Eldelbrock Aluminum Performance Intake, Water injected over transom headers, turning a Jacuzzi Y jet…

The restoration began when Todd started showing pictures of the boat at a local place on the river called One More!, and began talking with the locals about the boat and the project. Todd learned the boat was formerly owned by Ron Pruett. Ron owned the landing on the Alabama River where Todd regularly launches his current boat a 2855 Bayliner. Ron also owned the RV Park, bait shop, and the One More! Lounge, all located right there in Millbrook, Alabama. One More! is one of those unique family places that has a comfortably feel with many old timers hanging around. After Ron passed away a few years back, his Son Ron Jr. (“lil Ron”) took over. The “old timers” were good friends with Ron and the restoration took on a whole new meaning and became very exciting because of the memories and input from these guys who knew the boat and the original owner.

Todd said the first test run with his son, Sterlin, didn’t go so well. “We heard a horrible sound from the engine. I didn’t think to check the oil pick up screen, it was stopped up from sitting in the barn for so long, a lesson learned. This caused a bearing to spin. Not good! I had to pull the motor and disassemble it clean it, paint it, and get ready for the rebuild. I called a couple of friends, Steve Lammon and Russell McFaul. Steve with his racing background, mechanical skills and Russell with his 20 plus years in the USAF aviation mechanics and I knew we could do this. Surprisingly, the engine looked really good inside. I ordered the parts that were needed from various vendors. Crankshaft, rings, rod and main bearing, etc. and machined the heads,you know the drill. Once all was back together, we put the engine back in the boat. She sounded a little rough, Steve offered to rebuild the carburetor. At the time I didn’t realize that he had also built carburetors for 7 years. I didn’t hesitate in saying yes. Now with the boat complete, the engine rebuilt, new carpet, new paint and cables, she was ready to ride! We set out for the Alabama River, launched her at the old landing at One More! We notified the ole timers to make the launch extra special! Lots of smiles that day, she ran like a charm.”

More plans are in the works as Todd went on to say “I have a few minor items I want to do like paint the trailer and install the steering cable I purchased from KE Performance and the project will be complete. It’s a great feeling to be able to restore something as beautiful as “Squirtcha!” especially with people around that have fond memories of her glory days!”

Parts from:

  • CP Performance
  • KE Performance
  • Jay R Smith Manufacturing chroming
  • Durbin Auto Parts and Machine Shop
  • Tamco Paint Company

Engine Builders:

  • Todd Trolinger
  • Steve Lammon
  • Russell McFaul


The Jacuzzi Y Pump

New Carperting and cables were Installed

Nearly Finished In the Shop