Today the marine industry is focusing on the future as most smart business men and women are quick to recognize it is vital to our survival. What is just as important is keeping yesterdays boats moving forward. At Hardin Marine, product development is a huge part of their success. Representatives from Hardin point out that as old marine companies are dwindling and closing they are leaving many boaters with no options to keep their older boats sea worthy.

New technology is allowing Hardin to not only reproduce original designs but to blend in technological advancements while bringing improved design and materials to the product making sure the boater can rely on their new part for years to come. In a recent interview with Hardin I asked what was on the drawing board? They had just finished a new big Block Ford thermostat cooling system. This is a design that has been proven in the marine industry for GM engines for years but was never available to the Ford market. Hardin’s engineering staff went to work and designed a new unit using their CAD and Solidworks part modeling system. The next step was to constructed the piece with their 3D Printer design machine which provides an actual solid part from plastic that can be test fit and even run on the test application. After its passed on through the quality control department they build a permanent stainless steel casting mold to develop the next product.

In the end they deliver a beautifully polished stainless steel thermostat cooling system that is the answer to many boaters fears of not having access to these items. The folks at Hardin say this is just one of over 20 new items they have in development in a year. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THERMOSTAT HOUSING

Here are a few pictures of the process and how the development process occurs, from drawing to 3D Printed Prototype to First Casting to finished product. Of course if you are in the market for cooling system accessories these guys are the king.