It’s no surprise to many that CP Performance has become the industry’s marine parts giant. But what exactly does that mean? Sure big, large, huge are all numbers we refer to regularly but we wanted to know what the marine industry looked like from the eyes of one of the industry’s parts supply leaders.

In a recent discussion with the CP Performance team at the Miami boat show we asked about where the industry was or had been and some of the changes the folks at CP had seen recently,

General Manager Jim Stedry revealed that the growth of the companies product offerings has just continued to swell to an all time high. Jim exclaimed that in their last inventory review that they had over 1,102,000 thousand different product offerings. He also exclaimed that their product offerings allowed them to service the boater in a level of detail this industry had yet to really see. By offering such a diverse selection they see that their ability to service 100 percent of a customers needs is better than ever. Jim was quick to point out though that while the number is immense its far from over.

Well all I know is that its great to see that kind of commitment to all of us fellow boaters. For a look at these over one million products take a look at