CP Performance Continues to Dominate the Marine Shopping Experience with “360 Degree...

CP Performance Continues to Dominate the Marine Shopping Experience with “360 Degree View Imaging”

[tooltip title=”cp”] CP Performance[/tooltip] has long been recognized as the marine power boating products super store, as their company represents the largest product offering to this segment of the marine industry. Sure they were the first to adopt and bring a website to this industry, so many years ago that people actually thought the internet was a fad. They were the first in the industry to debut online ordering as well. Add mobile compatibility to the list of things where they were at the forefront of. So you might wonder what might be the next step to improving a power boaters shopping experience?

A visit with Jim Stedry, CP Performance’s General Manager, points out that they are far from resting on their laurels. Stedry emphasizes that modern web based or online shopping has been elevated by the super stars such as Amazon, and that the consumer’s desire to be able to view and analyze their products prior to purchase has grown beyond that old standard still images.

So today, the media support center for CP Performance is rapidly delivering what they call “360 degree imaging” for their most popular products. This gives today’s consumer the ability to get an up close and visual inspection of an item from all angles. Stedry points out this is only one of the many things in their future, but one that will change the experience of product shopping in this industry forever…

Take a look at few examples:

Big Block Chevy Oil Pans

Cyclone BBC Shorty Headers

Hi-Torque Starter