For many of us, shopping for our favorite power boating accessory has made us a slave to the world wide web. Luckily for those that brave the weather to attend this year’s major boating trade shows, they will be overwhelmed at the amount of new products and displays brought to them by the marine super store known as CP Performance.

For those not fortunate enough to be able to attend this year’s event, we’ll take you on a tour of whats “HOT” for the upcoming season.

Lights, lights and more lights! The world of LED lighting has evolved into brighter options, more durable designs, easier installation, and wide ranging color options for a relatively reduced cost. CP, always offering the best and the most, has the latest offerings from Bluewater, Lumirush, Lifeform, and Hardin Marine.

Customer convenience switches, new modern soft touch stainless steel switches from Bluewater are finding themselves in every new dash across the country. Gone are the days of vintage toggles and protruding rocker switches. CP has a complete user friendly custom switch panel giving customers the chance to touch and feel why they will never use anything but this new modern switch again

Also a premier exhaust power broker, CP Performance has the largest performance marine exhaust offering in the world. On display are cutaway versions of the all new Small Block Chevy Seaward manifolds for visitors to see firsthand. The modern, equal length geometry making these the most powerful manifold system available. Also new on display from Hardin Marine are the 4″ Stainless Steel exhaust turn downs that just one example of popular exhaust quieting options

Driver Assist Aids (Auto-pilot? Not quite) are here. The advancements in driver assistance are continually progressing and the line up of the latest MDC interactive Drive-sync and Trim-Sync controls are on display with an interactive display attached to state of the art Hardin Marine LED cable-less indicators. The cable-less indicators and Hardin exclusive actuators allow retro-fit and conversion to early boats desiring modern technology.

A rainbow of steering wheel options and new steering wheels styles debut for 2018 from MPI Innovations. MPI, a leading motorsport steering wheel manufacturer is a hot new option for powerboaters looking to customize and color match to their boat. See CP Performance at booth 423-426 this weekend!