When you’ve set national speed records and spent your life immersed in making jet driven boats perform, then there is no doubt that we know when a company like Place Diverter debuts its latest product that we’re positive it’s a winner.

Southern California based Place Diverter has pulled the wrapping off it’s latest 316L Stainless steel Inducer Impellers. The Inducer Impellers non-shrouded design flows as much 25% more water to the main impeller. This literally pre-loads the impeller full of water reducing voids and aerated pockets of air allowing the jet drive to harness all the power the engine can deliver.

These impellers are most famous for turning ordinary boats into extraordinary boats through amazing holeshot acceleration. Another key attribute is the ability to overcome what we call “spinout” which is when turbulent water conditions produce gulps of air causing an impeller to basically loose traction. The ability to reduce these conditions is unmatched by anything but a Inducer Impeller.

Lastly this new Place Diverter Inducer Impeller creates a phenomenon similar in likeness to that of an automatic transmission or overdrive type scenario by using the Inducer Impeller matched with a the jets primary Impeller a person can have the best of both worlds in hole shot and top end.

For those looking to make a good jet driven boat a great jet driven boat the new Place Diverter Inducer Impeller is the sure answer. CP Performance is the first to carry this new Inducer: You can get yours here!


We’d expect that the Place Diverter Raceboat “Going Places II” would have broken a few more records if they had one of these new Inducer Impellers installed…