There’s nothing more frustrating or irritating than not being able to see your switches’ statuses at night. Is it on? Is it off? Who knows! Now for sale at CP Performance, BLUEWATER ENTERPRISES LLC offers an innovative and ingenious solution.

The Dual Color LED function switches make seeing your switches at night, and whether they are on or off, unbelievably easy. When the switches are turned on, blue lights up through the actuator to signal that they are on but the switch’s individual function is not on. Press one of the switches to turn that specific function on and the LED lights up red. It’s that simple!

The switches are waterproof and come with a stainless steel body that can be installed in any environment whether it’s on your boat or car or anything in between. The design team has also made it extremely easy to designate each button’s function by offering up to 53 switch function icons that are interchangeable and applicable using 3M adhesive technology.

So make sure you head over to CP Performance to get your hands on these incredible switches today. And if you’re going to be at the Miami Boat Show, stop on by to see them on display at CP’s booth!