The days leading up to the Miami Boat Show next week seem to be flying by far faster than the tasks needed to be completed until then. There seems to be a thousand details to complete for the highlight of the show, the “Rock the Boat Party” at MANSION Nightclub. We chose to ask all of our generous sponsors to give a few words about this upcoming incredible party, and the Positive responses were unanimous and overwhelming!

One of our very first supporters and the Main Influence behind what got Powerboat Nation off the ground, were the folks at CP Performance. It was no surprise they would be on board as they have always been there for us.

But in true PBN form, we wanted to let them share their reasoning with you as well as us. Here is what Mike Mays from…ign=pbnbanners has to say on the matter:

“We’ve always believed in this market and industry even as others exited or ran for cover. We knew that boaters would stay boaters, and the people that PBN reaches are our true customer base. We felt that the market was changing in the media, and PBN reflected a unique personal perspective. That mattered to us the most. As for the Party, well seeing them take on these lofty goals, and watching our friends enjoy an evening that some may not ever get the chance to experience in Miami’s most elite club, just makes us happy almost as much as them. We feel if you’re going to be in this business, selling to or servicing the boater, then you should be involved in the things that give back to them and no one does more than Brad, that we can see.”

WOW. Well we have to admit the accolades are great, but the passion from our friends and boating members is what really keeps us so committed to all of you. So don’t miss your chance to apart of the festivities! The Miami Boat Show finally begins next Thursday the 12th, at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The MANSION Boat party is Valentines Day, the 14th, which begins at 11pm and will last through the early hours of the morning until 5 am.

There are only a few VIP Passes left! Get yours today!