So if you’ve watched any television then you can’t miss the commercial stating “More” and “Faster” is better because even the children point out everyone wants “More and Faster? right?

Well whether you’re new to performance boating or have been around the industry for 30 years, chances are you’ve heard of or will hear the name CP Performance when it comes to any need for a performance boat. What started out all those years ago from one simple glass display case in a family business to now what has become the industry giant, CP Performance has been serving the marine performance power boating market and boaters of all types for over three decades. As one of the industries largest performance power boating supply centers their product line seems to know of no limits and covers the need for “More”. A quick review of this stunning new full color catalog will almost leave ones mind in disbelief at how just so many products have been made available from one spot. PBN made a quick review which revealed dozens of brands of exhaust as in like every brand there is. From there, cooling, oiling systems, supercharging, gauges, throttles and more. When it comes to filling the need for speed or hould we say “Fast” well CP Performance boasts three national distribution warehouses serving the US as well as international trade If you haven’t received yours then your currently missing out so contact CP Performance. Their catalogs are free of charge with any purchase. Don’t miss out on getting what every boater recognizes as the #1 marine products source.