There’s no doubt the high performance power boating world has changed in the last half dozen years. But what hasn’t changed is the continued growth of what most in the marine world would consider the Amazon of power boating accessories.

While just one week ago and 3000 miles across the US in Miami, we had just visited the CP Crew and theirĀ outrageous neon lit display. Here we are a week later, and these guys are the products and accessories show piece of the LA international boat show.

What’s hard to imagine is the level of effort and commitment it takes to do all of this and manage West Coast to East Coast entirely different product displays.

We asked CP’s lead tech Rick Bourns working in the booth today is all of this necessary? Bourns commented “CP has so many new products from our hundreds of vendors we feel it’s a must to get them in front of our customers and let them see just how much the product offerings have advanced in just a few years.”

He pointed out that for their company it’s really just commitment, you’re either in it to support your customers or well you’re not here and couldn’t be bothered.