Last year when the idea to crane the PBN 38 ft Cigarette Top Gun on top of the Clevelander came up, it was a wild idea that came through a conversation with our friend and supporter Scott at Hardin Marine. The Hardin crew is driven hard by the things the most people say can’t be done. So when I bounce the roof/boat idea, there was an immediately rush of ideas on how to make it happen and next thing you know, that was the plan.

When the conversation started this year about all of the grief from the City of Miami Beach and the greedy delays from the Clevelander it looked as if we might have a problem so I looked around for some fresh ideas. Sure, the first thought was our original party location and then Scott pointed out if your going to do it, you have to do what you always have said, “Bigger and Badder than Before!” and, it has to make a statement. Powerboat Nation has now been remembered for setting the party standard at the Miami Boat Show and nothing less will be accepted. So thinking but for a second I could only imagine the mass appeal of MANSION as it is the pinnacle of Miami Beach and the SoBe vibe.

While its no surprise to many, I had to ask what PBN had become and Hardin felt the industry needed for a boating community with a personal feel? We wanted to know why they believe in us and what they think we have to offer.

In Scott’s words ” Powerboat Nation has a platform that allows them to tell the truth and share a side or better yet an opinion of the industry that’s not manipulable. While I appreciate the rest of the media its just what its always been. The media is like kids playing tee ball where their is no winners and losers. I feel like PBN tells you a side of the market that may not be pretty, but its true and that matters to us. I feel like they represent the best companies in the business and we feel fortunate to be associated with PBN and the other supporters on PBN. As for the party we just are ecstatic to see someone (PBN) swing for the fence and take these huge undertakings to bring excitement to their members and our customers alike.”

So if you will be in the Miami area next week, and you love boats and girls, come check out the Miami Boat Show from the 12th-16th! Perfectly highlighting the show will be this ground-shaking event, the “Rock the Boat Party” Saturday the 14th, at MANSION. It kicks off at 11 pm and is not for early risers, at it will continue through the wee hours until 5 am. Come party with us!