For a number of years now the OEM factory original sea pumps have been plagued with a design flaw that made each pump a throw away non serviceable item by design. You see like the electronics industry or so many others with a “Planned Obsolescence” program, the original equipment engine manufactures have decided its time when its time we all need to buy more of their hardware.

For companies like Hardin Marine (AKA Robin Hood) they do not agree with this thought process. The folks at Hardin say we still live in a time when you should be able to buy something that will last a lifetime.

And for that here’s the new Generation 8 “lifetime Series” sea pump.  Hardin Marine, the largest manufacturer of all Stainless Steel Sea Pumps set out to again solve the short comings of OEM equipment. By developing a stainless steel 316 heat treated casting that would incorporate new dual stainless steel serviceable wear plates as well as the use of a standard common  water pump impeller.

These characteristics have now turned this pump into a lifetime serviceable replacement pump that will provide years of serviceable life span. And all at a fraction of the cost of the original pump. So if you’re out to update and upgrade to a pump that’s designed to last a life time, look no further as it has arrived.