Skater Powerboats‘ Platinum Series is recognized as one of the company’s most unique and elite offerings. The flagship 388 boats see custom product offerings shipped in from around the world, and the boats are an example of no expense spared artwork. In this offering the boat has a monochromatic look, eliminating conventional polished or chrome components.

When it comes to throttle/shift control though, that product comes from Made In America Hardin Marine. The company’s Quick Draw series of shifters are extensively modified with ergonomic, hand fit, finger grip, pistol style knobs mounted to the companies exclusive super duty 316L stainless steel levers. Each control features soft touch fast access trim control buttons, and the smooth as silk operation allows for the fastest, easiest operation.

Just one more example of the individuality that Skater brings to its premier clients. And when the best products are sought after, they are found right here in the USA‚Äč!