If one thing is for sure, it’s that the folks at Hardin Marine continue to show their commitment to our sport by continuing to expand their product offerings with their latest trim tab company acquisition from Zeiger industries. Whether it’s building the latest coolest new accessory for a multi-million dollar boat or a water pump for a runabout their product depth is insane.

In a recent visit to the Hardin Marine facility in Palm Coast on my way to the Jacksonville Poker Run one thing was evident these guys are at full throttle into the boating season. When I pulled up there I was shocked to see a new building addition of 10,000 sq. ft in process being added to their already huge facility. I couldn’t help but wonder really more space and for what? When I entered the building it was a buzz of staff moving everywhere. I was allowed to wander the isles like a kid in a candy store, snooping around as any boating enthusiast would.

I could see that the level of inventory these guys carry is staggering. I walked past a shelf that had at least 300 Trim Pumps. When I entered the assembly room I saw numerous sets of beautifully polished new stainless steel trim tabs being assembled. It seems that after last years purchase of the Performance hydraulics product line and getting the shelves stocked with product that the ability to ship same day has made them the #1 source of tabs and tab related accessories in the country. They said it didn’t take long for the requests for additional models of trim tabs to roll in.

Hardin’s Scott Price said that “It became a need and our focus and a stainless steel tab would be the ultimate product”. “Rather than start from scratch we approached Zeiger industries who builds an amazing Stainless Steel trim tab but had problems delivering due to demands from their primary business, So we negotiated over the last 6 months and made the deal to acquire their product line as well.” continued Price.

Scott went on to tell me that the ability to between being able to directly replace all of the the popular K-Plane items from Mercury as well as the putting out the new integrated electronic trim senders, that their product success has been great. So if your in the market for trim tabs, pumps, or all related items look no further the folks at Hardin have got them all and then some.