For over 30 years Hardin Marine has been building extreme duty offshore marine oil pans. As the matter of fact the same craftsmen that built the legendary Gil Oil pans of offshore fame are among the team of skilled craftsmen that build the Hardin Marine Oil Pans. While an oil pan may seem simple, one thing you may not realize is that oil pan technology has dramatically advanced in design.

Hardin Marine has just introduced a new 12 quart version to their already proven 10 and 14 quart pans that they offer. We are told the need for more capacity in a shallow or v-bottom boat is the reason for this new pan to be brought to market

What separates one oil pan from another you may wonder? Craftsmanship, durability, construction, and materials. And the folks at Hardin wanted to give us a trip down the manufacturing path of how they build the ultimate oil pans. The Hardin Marine oil pans are all TIG welded, not MIG welded and this is crucial in the strength of the construction. While Hardin claims the time is nearly twice as long to produce the end result is superior.

These pans feature heavy duty sea pump/alternator mounting tabs as well as an industry exclusive billet oil pan rail supports to assure a vice like seal. When it comes to making horsepower these pans are famous for their superior windage control in part due to the integral windage tray and oil scraper that keep the engines oil in the bottom of the oil pan where it belongs. A custom crafted fully gusseted oil pump pick up as well as a unique flexible dipstick and stainless hardware round out the package.

These new 12qt pans are available for all GM Generation 4, 5, and 6 engine blocks as well as Dart and Merlin offerings. It look like regardless of application the folks at Hardin Marine have oil control , well under just that ….Under control!

These welded on tabs support mounting of the sea pump and alternator.