At a time when most things seem to be made expendable, there are still a handful of companies practicing the true artistry and craftsmanship in metal working, building what could even be considered artwork.

For the folks at Hardin Marine North East, the talent pool is generations old and the knowledge pool fathoms deep. Here custom creations of unique exhaust products and stainless steel products are still invented and fabricated by hand.

When we asked the folks at Hardin to set down their welding torches and tell us what still has this company growing its production at such a brisk pace, the Shop foremen Bob replied, “We are problem solvers. We design and build what quite honestly much of the industry doesn’t want to. We tackle the most innovative exotic applications. We take a huge amount of pride in being involved with great customers in this industry.

We will use nothing but true 316L material while others have chosen to downgrade to 303/304 lessor quality materials. We choose to set the standard for what a premium product should be. Could you imagine if a customer knew his supplier shaved a couple hundred dollars off a $5000 sale and reduced the life span of their exhaust by 40%-50%? That’s not us. The marine industry is brutal and this is not an environment worth risking material cost savings of nickels while robbing the end user of reliability.

If you look closely you can see the difference with your own eyes. Inferior materials won’t polish to the highest luster. Our products have the high polished finish no one else takes the time to get. You’ll see welds that rival the look of a robot but with the penetration and precision of a surgeon. We pride ourselves in that no one makes a better product than we do.”

Shown here is a unique custom new Y-Pipe designed exhaust system for a new 42′ Powerboat being assembled by the folks at Canale Marine. The unique system will be but one of the custom features of the new staggered engine boat. One things for sure. It is amazing to see just how much work goes into building these products. We were shown the tricks of the trade that these guys pride themselves in. If you are in the market for a exhaust system, you owe it to your self to visit these guys and see why they are #1 in the performance marine exhaust market.