If you’re a Power Boater and you look at performance boat products like how a child drools over candy, then be happy because the largest most extensive “Candy Store” is headed to a venue near you. At a time when many companies in the marine industry have chosen to down size their support and outreach efforts, the folks at Hardin Marine have the throttles mashed. This year at the largest and best performance boating event in the country-The upcoming Florida Powerboat Club Key West Poker Run – Hardin Marine will debut this stunning 53′ mobile display and interactive show room. This incredible rig was designed by motorsports hauler development company, Kentucky Hi-Tech. The custom graphics were none other than a NO COAST design and they were the finishing touch.

Powerboat Nation has known about this special rig for some time and we can now share some details about the build, motivation, and purpose of the new hauler. The facts are that hauler has has been under construction for nearly a year and is finishing completion. In a recent conversation with the guys at Hardin I was curious about what, why, and how come, they dived in to such a large undertaking in uncertain economic times and what Hardin Marine hoped to achieve. So I asked some questions:

PBN: What exactly have you guys built here?

Hardin Marine: We’ve built the largest, best, and most interactive performance marine products showroom. This isn’t just a trailer, this is a rolling masterpiece. One complete half of one side folds down and a 28′ wide beautiful black anodized awning extends to provide an entire showroom foot print with and easy access entrance and exit.

PBN: Why take on such an endeavor when it seems the rest of the Industry is pulling back and reducing the size of its displays?

Hardin Marine: This requires a multi part answer. First the customers and the industry need it, and we need it. The consumer needs to feel confident in the products and brand he or she supports. They need to know who is strong and who is going to be around to service the products they’re buying. There is a lot of uncertainty by consumers today and whether the brand or products they buy are quality products. We believe by taking our products showroom to the major events that we can support the events as well as let customer touch and feel what separates our products from the rest. Beyond that our product line has grown to over 3000 items now and were just bursting at the seams of our old display. Hi-Performance boat products aren’t found on every corner and while we do our best to showcase these products through catalogs and online, we feel the consumer enthusiasm when they can touch and see our products in real life.

PBN: How come Hardin Marine chose now to make this move forward?

Hardin Marine: It’s a really exciting time in the industry. The economy is developing and we see more opportunity to strengthen our relationships with our customers. We hope to be able to get Powerboat Nation involved as well as numerous other manufacturers and supporters. We look to not only showcase our own products but those of our associates as well. We are truly blessed and thankful to have the customers we do and we really want to give back to them and we hope to inspire others to get out and support the events that support us all.

Powerboat Nation will be on hand and on board the new hauler at the Key West Poker Run and we are looking forward to seeing everyone come through to look, touch, and visit with us and with Hardin Marine. See you in Key West!