When the Hardin Marine Seaward Series exhaust manifold systems debuted to overwhelming fanfare as a replacement option for the popular Mercury racing 525/600/and 700SCI engines, it was only a matter of time before they expanded to offer even more option to their customers.

With loads of aging header systems failing, rotting, and cracking, causing catastrophic engine damage to so many of the Mercury Racing HP500 engines, it was a cry heard loud and clear at Hardin Marine. But we had to ask these guys, “Aren’t you also a header manufacture?”

The response was “Absolutely, and we build the finest hand crafted headers on the market today. But headers have a spot they fit best and in many applications such as racing and higher horsepower applications, their power gains are substantial. But in mid horsepower applications like this HP500 for example, they just don’t support their lack of longevity and reliability to the common boating enthusiast.

For boaters looking to double the lifespan of their boat’s exhaust, a header cannot compare to a performance manifold system. We are merely offering a choice to consumers that may have been trapped by the expense of changing complete exhaust and tailpipe systems. This latest version that uses the popular Seaward Ocean Series manifolds, combined with an intersecting companion pipe, allows direct connection to the original tailpipe on an HP500 application.

Hardin points out that there are thousands of rotting, cracked, failing, original, elbow top styled headers in the market today. And the unmatched durability of a performance manifold system is the solution that so many people have been looking for.┬áThis system allow’s the original tailpipes to be reused for simplicity and affordability of exhaust replacement.

For more on this system visit www.hardin-marine.com