While today’s high performance engines have become increasingly reliable what hasn’t changed is the environment we boat in. While the manufacturers and aftermarket are waging war against the corrosion elements and making headway what they can’t control are the locations we boat in.

One of the biggest killers today of supercharged and turbo charged engines is sand being trapped inside of the engines intercooler. Because a supercharged/turbocharged engine relies on the engine intercooler to manage the engines air inlet temperature, it is critical amongst all of the engines operations.

These intercoolers pass the cooling water through a product that looks very similar to a radiator with thousands of cooling fins and tubes. As the sand attempts to pass through this maze it becomes trapped clogging or plugging the intercooler. When the core gets plugged it reduce water flow to a dribble and the engine air inlet temperatures sky rockets causing detonation and catastrophic engine damage.

Taking into account these intercoolers are several thousand dollars and their design doesn’t lend to back flushing as it won’t remove the trapped sand, it has become mandatory by even the largest O.E manufactures to incorporate a intercooler sand strainer.

Demand from boat builders like Peter Hledin of Skater power boats to build a product that would incorporate the sand strainer into a easy to install OEM fit style fit and and installation became a top priority. Hardin Marine expresses thanks to folks at Skater for working with them to develop this new package.

The New Sand Strainer kit comes with a CNC machined mounting bracket, Billet hard anodized sand strainer, custom fittings, and clamps allowing for the OEM intercooler feed hose to merely be spliced and this new unit installed in line. The system mounts behind the engine above the transmission area making it easily serviceable.

This new kit, Hardin Part #625-4627 will retail for $995.00