Today’s high horsepower engines have evolved in an unparalleled fashion, making harnessing and transferring the the power no simple feat. A great example is OEM Turbo engines that reach as high as 1650HP, which thanks to aftermarket builders, can also exceed nearly 2000HP. These advancements have created a host of new challenges in trying to harness this power and transfer it reliably to the engines transmission and outdrive. It has become rapidly apparent to the industry that the next weak link is the drive train’s damper plate. The damper plate is what connects the engine’s torque load to the boats transmission while at the same time cushioning that connection. Until now the best the industry had to offer is a part rated at 1000ftlb which is considered anemic for these current high horsepower engines .

The premier high performance marine industry supplier, Hardin Marine, accepted the challenge head on. Hardin claimed that they were seeing failures in all of the units used in the 1350/1650 series engines and realized they had the opportunity to solve that problem by bringing a far superior product to the market. Through extensive research and development far beyond standard industry units, Hardin developed the new Titan Series drive plates.

These new drive plates and hubs are manufactured from 4140HT Steel, with a tensile strength rating of over 125,000lbs. The special tooling required to assemble each assembly rivet in every individual unit required over 1-1/4 tons of pressure. The Titan drive plate is the epitome of craftsmanship, created by combining the strongest components with next level manufacturing techniques.

Hardin offers the unit as a direct replacement for the Mercury Racing 135/1650 engines, as well as a new Combination flywheel and drive plate to fit all big block Chevrolet engines.

It’s time to kick it up a notch! You can get yours on Hardin Marine’s website here!