When it comes to new product development in the aftermarket sector of the marine industry, no one builds more new products than the folks at Hardin Marine. On our most recent visit to their facility, we couldn’t help but hear this unique, faint buzzing noise coming from the next room. When we inquired about what it might be, Jeff Stull, Hardin’s Chief Development Engineer, pointed out it was their prototype machines running non-stop on new product design.

With The Miami International Boat Show approaching, we asked what we might look forward to seeing this year. Jeff said that the accuracy of monitoring the engine’s oil and cooling systems has become so precise in this day and age with the advancements of the Electronic Engine Management Systems from companies like AEM, that advancing the design of engine components has come right along with it. Shown here is Hardin Marine’s new thermostatically controlled, engine oil filter head system that we are getting a glimpse of prior to its debut.

Look forward to us bringing you the latest in everything new from the Miami show in less than two weeks!