Over the last ​couple of decades there just hasn’t been much new that has happened to the performance powerboating world when it come to exhaust choices. Its been the same old products with escalating costs, or dismal OEM cast iron choices making them out of many powerboaters reach or a sour choice. Hardin Marine’s business profile has proven over and over that they recognize that reducing costs while maintaining quality marine products is what lets all of us keep boating and sets them apart.

In 2016 Hardin marine will debut their latest 100% all new design “SEAWARD SERIES” performance exhaust system with not only numerous new features but MASSIVE cost reductions to the power boating world. Lead engineer Jeff Stull at Hardin points out that when they were able to start with a clean sheet of paper, utilize the rapid prototyping tools that they had invested in, and capitalize on the latest efficient manufacturing processes the result turned out perfect. Their desires for this product were simple “Performance, Reliability, Reduced cost.”

While many of the details will be saved for the official unveiling at this years Miami International boat show, Stull points out: “We’ve changed the entire game. This system is the very highest quality, technically engineered, and durable system anywhere and the real success is these units will sell for 30% less than any comparable system on the market.”

We will have to see just what this all means in Miami so stay tuned.