YES IT LIVES!!! While some wondered if the turbo kit that Hardin Marine Debuted a few years back might ever see the light of day, the prototypes have evolved to running testbeds thanks to the support and commitment of Goodwin Competition.

On the phone today with Hardin they admitted this great new product really needed the support of a company with deep R&D skills. Hardin says that Todd Goodwin of Goodwin competition not only took on the project but refined it extensively. Shown here are some images of the test mules fitted into one of the worlds most famous Fountain power boats.

Goodwin said “It is amazing the power and torques this system produces with a nearly stock engine application, the only difference is the addition of Dart cylinder heads.” The engine features the stock compression, camshaft and ECU. Goodwin points out that the tuning requirements and time to dial in are considerably greater than its supercharged counter part but the the results are nothing shy of amazing.

Hardin says their hope is for the product to become a staple of their 2019 product line. Watch Powerboat Nation for all the latest on this and more.