With consumers driving the trends of today, Hardin Marine was one of the first companies to recognize the future that GM’s LS Series engines would play in re-powering yesterday’s boats. The efficiency, light weight, durability, and exceptional power at a value make these type engine the perfect choice. The only hold up has been acknowledging the products consumers would need to turn the boats into LS Powerboats.

New for 2017 are Hardin Marine Billet Aluminum (137-8644) and Billet Steel (137-8643) Flywheels GM LS engine packages (LS1-LS7).  These precision billet  flywheels deliver all of the strength and reliability that you desire. Lightweight aluminum alloy flywheels can offer substantial benefits for certain situations such as light weight boats or racing boats that need rapid engine rpms instantaneously. Billet steel provides a shatter free strength that could mean the difference between ripping your boat in half under way or staying in the race. These neutrally balanced units are recommended as replacements for factory-cast flywheels in high performance and racing applications. They’re also better for the acceleration of heavier race boats. All Hardin flywheels are CNC-machined from certified materials.

  • Accepts Mercury couplers and heavy duty drive plates
  • Multi-point ring gear attachment
  • Light weight yet durable
  • Zero/neutral balance • 168 tooth gear
  • Ring Gear Tooth Quantity:168-tooth, Rear Main Seal Style: 1-piece