In an effort to get a feel for what is happening in the aftermarket side of the industry we reached out to who else, but our long time supporter, Hardin Marine.

The dedicated team over at Hardin is busy like it’s Christmas time at the mall and they are showing no signs of slowing down. Jeff Stull at Hardin says that the launch of their many new, innovative products is what has been key to their growing success in the industry.

He pointed out that the Seaward Exhaust Systems they debuted in Miami were not only being received by the boating public with open arms, but that actual engine suppliers like Michigan Motorz out of Madison Heights, Michigan have approached them about their testing of the systems more than adequately meeting the company’s “AAA” rating for product quality.

Jeff points out that while being an OEM supplier to some of the largest marine engine suppliers in the world, it’s a big deal to be able to take on the cheap imports head to head and get close enough in cost that the aftermarket recognizes the value added by such an item.

C.O.O Phil Abejean of Michigan Motorz points out that his industry is constantly pinched by the economics of any relative industry as well as the flood of imported goods on his competitor’s engines. He also notes that Michigan Motors has been around a long time and they have made it through the economic downturn by choosing their products wisely and not compromising quality. The Seaward Exhaust brings HUGE added value to his customers for very little economic sacrifice.

“When our customers learn of the warranty, the corrosion inhibitors, the craftsmanship of the product and the company behind it, it’s a no-brainer.” – Abejean

Hardin has become an epicenter for product development and it’s hard to imagine that 200 people need shifters at any given time. But as Jeff points out, Hardin’s true success is about having inventory that they can deliver to their customers now, when they need it.

“If you’re in this business then you need to have the parts to support the customers who also need them. It’s what we do.”- Stull