Light Your Ignition on Fire With The PerTronix Ignitor III

Light Your Ignition on Fire With The PerTronix Ignitor III

When you’re trying to generate reliable horsepower, making sure there’s enough fire in the hole becomes a constant battle. That battle intensifies as the rpm range climbs to peak power generating ranges. So having a stout igniter becomes mission-critical in any boat.

The PerTronix Ignitor III is the latest progression of the PerTronix Ignitor series that they have been developing over the past four decades. These ignition products were introduced as a way to help maintaining a distributor easier while increasing performance. By adding more spark, reducing misfires, and adding a digital rev limiter, the PerTronix Ignitor series became a godsend for those with muscle cars, hot rods, and performance machines.

Using the Ignitor series as a starting point, the HEI III brings the features of an ignition box right into a high-performance module. According to Greg Raymond from PerTronix, the PerTronix Igniter III packs numerous features into a very tiny package.

“This High performance module features multiple sparks through the entire rpm range, plus an integrated high-resolution digital rev limiter. The rev limit settings are displayed with an LED feedback for precise rpm settings. The adaptive dwell maintains peak energy throughout the entire rpm range, reducing misfires while improving engine performance. With the PerTronix Ignitor III, peak current level is reached just prior to spark for maximum energy without the heat build-up, increasing coil performance and module reliability. This unit also adjusts spark timing at higher rpm to compensate for the inherent electronic delay.”

The best part about the PerTronix Igniter III is that it has the ability to provide increased energy with a lower heat build-up, thereby working with any high-performance application. This makes the PerTronix Igniter III a great upgrade for any engine ignition system, including those that are taking advantage of a power-adder.

You can learn more about the PerTronix Igniter III and how it works from one of their distributors Hardin Marine or CP Performance .