When a world renowned team such as Team GONE AGAIN implements new technology with undeniably stellar results, it’s time to take a look at what changes they’re making that attribute to this success.

Recently, Team GONE AGAIN reached out to Mike Clesceri of Marine Design Corporation with a problem that had always been plaguing them, and Mike instantly had the solution.

Kenneth Mungle, who’s main experience comes from the shootout world, said that he wanted the ability to control his drives and have them reset to the same exact position accurately at any given time. So Mike saw a solution to the problem and went about modifying his standard DriveSync to create a customized version for Kenny’s 388 Skater. Now, at the push of a button, the throttleman can return the drives to the same exact position repeatedly and accurately, allowing for total control at a moments notice. This is an invaluable upgrade to a high profile racing team such as this and we are sure we can expect to see more of these modified racing DriveSyncs produced in the future.

Mike will actually be supporting Team GONE AGAIN this year in Key West as a crew member, supplying the team with everything from mechanical help to electronics, putting the team itself that much farther ahead of the competition. And to top it off, MDC is planning on debuting the above mentioned first DriveSync Race Edition in Key West in conjunction with Team GONE AGAIN.

The team at Marine Design Corporation has also been making the rounds at various shows and expos and now offers specialized package first seen at the IBEX show available through CP Performance that features the legendary DriveSync coupled with the latest Mayfair LED Trim Indicators. The package brings together everything you need to monitor and control your drives to the Nth degree.

With an extremely successful year coming to a close, we’re excited to be able to see the MDC presence in Key West this year, and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s next!