MDC’s State of the Art Hands Free Automatic Outdrive Sync Technology Shown...

MDC’s State of the Art Hands Free Automatic Outdrive Sync Technology Shown in Miami

Marine Design Corporation has continued to develop state-of-the-art technology well beyond the capabilities of OEM offerings. Shown in Miami at the CP Performance booth, MDC showcased their latest marvel.

MDC’s DriveSync is one of the newest technological developments that brings incredible value to all stern drive applications regardless of engine builder. DriveSync is different from the Mercury Racing Active Trim system, which is a simple tool to aid getting the boat on plane, and shuts down at speeds above 50 mph.

Drive Sync automatically levels both or all drives to the same position which otherwise had to be done manually and we know in some cases, not having DriveSync has caused serious performance inefficiencies. DriveSync gives you perfect alignment every time you change your drive trim settings. With Race Edition you can have two preset drive trim positions and with the press of one button, have both drives go to this position – neutral, for example.

If you run a high performance boat and think you don’t have to make trim adjustments very often YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG! In a brand new and very fast SKATER I am working on, we are installing DriveSync with a GPS speed input. I will have the ability to set the DriveSync up to prevent the drives from being trimmed beyond neutral at speeds above 150 MPH. I believe this is the first truly autonomous safety offering brought to high speed boat operation, and it comes at a very attractive price. It can be installed on just about every stern drive application.  The Drive Sync System from Marine Design Corporation is technology that is well beyond any offering from any OEM at a price that is truly affordable. Bottom Line Up Front, also known as the BLUF, the MDC system is real and not a gimmick that costs a lot and brings little to no real value to aid the human in the operation of the boat. MDC products are the real deal that are far and away leading the way forward.