Founder's Message

We are the Marine Industry’s Most Trusted Powerboating Choice!

Born online, built with technology and powered by performance. No other media source delivers so much to the world of powerboating. The modern era of publishing, content delivery, and marketing has evolved enormously in recent years. The world has modernized and Powerboat Nation is the evolution of what the industry and consumers have demanded. Remaining niche offerings have done nothing more than fragment the traditional media delivery options forcing advertisers to seek numerous outlets to present their brand to customers.

Powerboat Nation is not just a forum or a news outlet. We are the most diverse media solution the industry has ever seen. Powerboat Nation is an interactive multilevel platform which means we deliver content on numerous platforms that cross each other at the same time. Your message is delivered in an Industry news format, press release offering, social media distribution, as well as an interactive consumer forum product. When Powerboat Nation brings information we bring that information with a saturation level higher than any other marine media source.

The key part of our approach is we have brought brick and mortar to the interactive world. We have accomplished this through maintaining a grass roots connection to our viewers. We attend every key event to shake hands, meet, greet, engage and dialogue with the consumer on all levels. We aren't hidden behind a computer screen or monitored by people that aren't enthusiasts. We are members of the boating community that use the consumers input to refine and revise our communications. We are the only real option that actually participates in the activity we promote. Powerboat Nation was engineered and developed because the desire for professional companies to reach their potential customers had eroded due to the evolution of Internet media and the fact that consumers will not wait for news from a print magazine.

Powerboat Nation’s advertising options are nearly unlimited. We introduced the industry’s first online "Video Mall". This product allows the advertiser to communicate a direct message to the customer creating a visual and emotional connection that no banner ad can ever achieve. We still offer the traditional selection of banner ads which provide static or rotating banner ad placement in our community. Powerboat Nation also leads the industry hosting the premier "Ask the Pro's" section. This product allows the consumer to consult with a true industry professional about products, product performance, and technical assistance. We have developed the very best classified sales software available. This new software is simple to use and even allows again interactive videos of the item to be included rather than just a photos. Powerboat Nation leads the performance market place with our own easy to access App for all smart phones. Available on ITunes and Google Play, the Powerboat Nation App is "FREE" to all users and provides a quick and easy interactive forum experience.

As a lifestyle brand Powerboat Nation has rapidly become recognized as the active powerboating brand. Were not just a media leader we are a "Brand", a powerful brand that is shaping events and consumer participation around the country. We have developed our very own apparel outlet and online store. The PBN store has become one of the most sought after locations to acquire performance marine themed apparel and branded accessories from all of the Powerboat Nation advertisers in one easy location. We have shown that through consumer interaction we bring more. We are on the go for 2013 and have big plans for 2014. Powerboating and Charity events, Powerboat Nation will provide host opportunities to our advertisers and supporters in our state of the art 53’ interactive consumer products event semi- trailer. This enormous facility provides unlimited product and exhibition opportunity's to educate consumers on products and promote boating safety initiatives and awareness specific to performance boating. Powerboat Nation is a revolutionary platform designed to reach the broadest segment of the consumer market place. No one else offers the opportunity to reach, participate, interact, and sell to the power boating consumer than through Powerboat Nation. Whether you want to reach the entire industry or just a segment of the industry we are committed to bringing you the #1 product to accomplish this and I guarantee it.

Brad Schoenwald, Founder