Well as far back as the Key West unveiling of our brand we had our sights set on bringing back the party flavor that once dominated Marine trade shows and events prior to the economical melt down. With the economics of tightened belts we knew that everyone still needed that opportunity to come together and be thankful for what we have and the freedom we have to enjoy it all. So with the changing of the guard and other forum websites leaving with their support we knew it was our obligation to bring the party to life again. The concepts and planning of an event for south beach Miami literally took two months to strategize, not counting that nothing comes cheap or free on south beach during the boat show as premium prices are at an all time high. Accomplishing such a feat as to throw a party of this magnitude is huge commitment with a lot of expenses. But when the opportunity came to have the party at the legendary Tequila Chicas, we knew the opportunity to secure a venue like this on Ocean Drive is RARE!!! And from our view meant this was the green light to GO!

Here’s the most amazing part though as we started to tell more and more people about the event the support and generosity we got was AMAZING!!! I mean it is almost crazy to think that the phone started to ring with unsolicited calls from the Marine vendors and companies you see here on the sponsor list.

When we explained our plans and our commitment to giving back to boaters and members to these companies the support we in turn got was overwhelming. I have to tell you the feeling that all of this hard work and labors of love, long hours is believed and supported by so many is really an incredible feeling. So please if and when you’re considering a product or service keep in mind those that gave selflessly to support our efforts.

With the Miami Boat Show fast approaching and a staff of volunteer enthusiasts of PowerboatNation.com putting the final touches on the Saturday Night’s South Beach party at Tequila Chicas. So, mark your calendar for the 16th for some added fun at PowerboatNation.com’s “Miami Rock the Boat Show Party”and PLEASE be sure to thank everyone who gave to make it happen! This could be the new Method of Mayhem!

Arneson Surface Drives
BAM Marine
Boostpower USA
Brand X Hi Performance Marine
CP Performance
Chief Performance
Cobra Power
Hardin Marine
Keith Eickert Products
Performance Boat Center
Total Dollar Insurance
Xtreme Powerboats