Hardin Marine dropped us this note to say they are anxious to show their latest Turbo Header exhaust system they will be debuting at this year’s Miami International Boat Show. Hardin says there are three prominent engine builders today developing state-of-the-art turbo charged engine systems, and that they have gone through literally hundreds of hours of endurance testing and designing to build a header they say outperforms anything available to the industry today.

Chief Engineer Jeff Stull points out that there is so much technical flow and tube length design that has gone into the turbo projects over the last three years that they have been able to truly maximize the exhaust delivery to the turbo charger for optimum power results.

Features of the headers include a proprietary water cooled T4 Turbo mounting flange and collector, as well as 100% 316L stainless steel construction, tubular water dams, and a fully welded water inlet tree. There is a lot more turbo info coming your way, but this is just enough to wet your whistle.