Just when we think we’ve seen it all in the world of convenience someone comes along and proves there are just even better ways to improve a day of boating. At last comes along the latest in technology with the handy new refrigerated cup holders by Dometic. ​In the past in order keep your drink cool during a day out on the water, you’d have to lug that big ice cooler around. Not only did it take up valuable space, it was just plain ugly as well. The folks at CP Performance found a better way ​by now bringing to market ​- The Eskimo Cool Refrigerated Cup Holder. Yep that’s right, the cup holder on your boat ​just isn’t the same as your folks old cup holder once was.

This refrigerated cup holder can be installed in any convenient location to keep drinks refrigerator-cold.

The Refrigerated Cup Holder makes your last sip even colder than your first. It allows boaters to keep a can, bottle or any appropriately sized beverage container chilled on even the hottest days—something that a typical cup holder or can koozie can’t begin to accomplish. Simply store your drink in the Refrigerated Cup Holder between sips.

Designed as a marine-tough open-top cylinder that replaces nearly any existing standard 4-inch (102 mm) cup holder, it is large enough to fit a 20-ounce (591 ml) water or soda bottle, and also accommodates a standard-size beer or soda can. A specially angled bottom insert keeps bottles or cans in constant physical contact with the sidewall cooling element.

Not only does this cup holder perform the part, it looks the part with a polished stainless steel trim ring a dual blue LED lights. If you’re looking for the next evolution in marine cup holder, get yours right here on the CP Performance web site.