When you come to Miami this year for the boat show February 13-17 it’s for one of two reasons: To see the powerboating lifestyle or to be part of the powerboating lifestyle. With Powerboat Nation we’re going to bring you both when you experience the South Beach Lifestyle on your terms. One thing’s for sure, the high point of your trip will be Saturday Night February 15, as Powerboat Nation takes over Ocean Drive to bring you the party of the year at the Clevelander hotel on 1020 Ocean Drive.

From all of us at Powerboat Nation there is nothing more important than our members and this industry. When it comes to showing how much we mean what we say just having a simple together just doesn’t demonstrate how passionate we are about giving back all we can. We wanted something bigger, like really BIGGER! First you need a venue and while last years party was the hit of the show we just couldn’t accommodate all that wanted to attend. So about 8 months ago we started penciling the ultimate party, something that would let everyone know not only who we are but how committed we are and that the Powerboat Nation community had arrived.

Out of nowhere came the idea lets put a boat on the roof? For about ten seconds we laughed and then paused, could it be done? The answer is YES!!!!!!!!!. Easily? Hell No! The the roof would need to be rated and structurally confirmed. Next would the PBN Cigarette fall into that limit? Special chocks would be needed for support. Then how will we get it up there? Oh yeah duh….Crane. But believe it or not the most difficult part, six long months of permits with the city of Miami. The cost? staggeringly high. But it was feasible.

With a party of this size and scope we would need some help from our friends, supporters, and advertisers. Honestly when we approached them with thought of providing you, the members and power boaters with such an event the support was overwhelming and honestly without them we might not have been able to pull it off. So please for us if you see these guys let them know how great it is that they care enough to get behind the events that make this sport so wonderful. Here’s the best companies in the industry: Performance Boat Center, Hardin Marine, Total Dollar Insurance, CP Performance, BAM Marine, Wozencraft Insurance, BBlades Propellers, Dave’s Custom Boats, Cobra Power and Arneson Surface Drive.

What you can expect when you arrive at 10th and Ocean is not only the hottest venue, but every single who’s who of the industry will be in attendance. You’ll have music, dancing, performing artists, power boating video, Go Go dancers, PBN Models, T-shirts launched from the PBN T-Shirt Cannon, remote control boat races in the pool and more!

If you just can’t make it to Miami, no worries we’ve got you covered with our live webcast from the party online atwww.POWERBOATNATION.com