By all accounts the PBN 2014 Miami Boat Show Party was much more than a simple success, it was an absolute home run. In planning we talked a lot about the expense of a party like this and pondered it over and over in the last year whether their was a “Value” to doing it, or if the boating community would still appreciated the grand and elaborate parties and night life that had existed.

I have to admit I was surprised by how often I was asked from industry folks, “Why?” and “How is this profitable?”, “How could something like what we were talking about even make sense?” So here is my answers NO! it is not profitable! It’s not meant to be, this is all about what we originally committed to you both regular members and our advertisers. Powerboat Nation is committed to giving back to you and the Miami Boat Show Party is just a SMALL example of what we dream of doing in the future. Our goal is to establish to you what commitment looks and feels like. We are and have always been committed and this was just one of our gifts giving back to you and the more we are supported from the members and advertisers the more we will give back.

Thanks to you we are now the most desired power boating site on the internet today, But we didn’t do it alone our supporters Total Dollar, Performance Boat Center, CP Performance, Hardin Marine, BAM Marine, DCB Performance Boats, BBlades Propellers, Boostpower USA, Florida Powerboat Club, Wozencraft Insurance, Cobra Power, and Arneson Industries.

All of these sponsors believed in the same motto we do. You can be involved in this industry, or you can be committed to it, and these people are committed to it . Without their help we could not have done this and for that we ask you to acknowledge them and let them know how you feel about their commitment.

The one decision I can tell you that PBN won’t waver on is that we have the throttles pinned and we are keeping this entire entity under acceleration, This party was meant to be to just push the throttles forward and never look back. So we invited our 700 closest friends and we ran out of room, there was a line on Ocean drive with lots of people from everywhere trying to get in to see what was going on. To say this party was a copy cat within our industry is to say that Studio 54 was merely a night club or the Superbowl is just a football game. To quote the Clevelander host “We haven’t seen a crowd like this since Spring Break”!

Don’t forget that one of our primary objectives is to bring new young blood into the Powerboating world and this is just us taking advantage of a great South Beach venue during the boat show to bring that young enthusiasm to our world.

Lifting the PBN Cigarette high above the palm trees on at nearly 60 ft in the air at 4:00 in the morning to set it on the roof, inviting all of you to South Beaches #1 outdoor ocean front night spot and we “Rocked the Boat Show” just as promised and did it in a way like this town has not seen in over a decade.

Over a dozen beautiful models dressed to the Nines, in a wide arrangement of Powerboat Nation wear and Powerboat Nation paint for the favorite painted ladies that stole the show. These women put on stage show to the screaming dancing crowd that will be hard to beat next year.

In the end it was a smashing success, if you couldn’t make it, you might want to start thinking about next year, and for now you can view the hundreds of images and watch the videos we will have coming out. Thank you to all of our members and fans of the site with overwhelming thanks and accolades that we couldn’t even imagine.

Please don’t forget to thank the Party Sponsors for the incredible support we all received to put on this Boat Show Party.