Whether you’ve been plagued by the latest generation of marine products produced by the OEM’s to have premature failure or not, you must realize that planned obsolescence is top on virtually every major OEM manufacturers list. Just as that fancy flat screen TV, Dryer, or Microwave you bought dies prematurely in 2-4 years well today’s OEM engine manufacturer is equipping your boat with products struggling to live two years and then are not serviceable and require expensive all new replacements.  The industry has realized that making products last is just not a good business proposition for their bottom line.

Luckily there are companies like Hardin Marine that have a different business model, that of building product that have sustainability. Hardin developed a line of sea water pumps aptly named their “Lifetime Series’ . The thought behind this was that by building the pump from superior 316L Stainless steel they could build a pump that could be continually serviced for most likely the lifetime of the application.

In today’s boating world a leading example of a product that was designed to be basically not serviceable is the OEM Sea Water pump found on all recent year models of the famed “Black Engine” manufacture or Big “M”.  The seventh generation commonly referred to as the Gen 7 Sea Pump can be found on all current 350, 496 and 502 MAG engines.  Because the brass pump housing has no protective wear surface for both ends of the impeller, the impeller literally chews away at and wears the pump out. Without adequate impeller crush the OEM pump’s effectiveness diminishes after virtually every use. This makes it lack re-usability and turns it into a throw away unit and a costly one at that.

The new Gen 7 Lifetime series pump from Hardin Marine comes with a number of notable features such as their dual integrated stainless steel wear plate design. a 40% larger impeller shaft, Use of the most popular replacement impeller, as well as integration capabilities of all OEM pump water inlet/outlets housings.

Thanks to our infamous PBN Tech Guru Rick Bourns, we can take a inside look at the the two pumps side by side just to show why the Hardin pump has become the world’s leading product line of replacement sea water pumps: