Here at Powerboat Nation we not only get to see the world’s most impressive and outstanding boats, but we get the behind the scenes opportunities to get up close and personal with the parts and components that those boats depend on. In the world of Bravo equipped stern drives, an outdrive cooling shower is one of the first products installed to extend the lifespan of these engines.

Outdrives that do not use a cooling shower leave the top of the drive exposed with no cooling method while under operation. The main gears and clutch reach near boiling temperature, which causes the oil distribution to dissipate away from the bearing, leading to insufficient lubicration and eventual outdrive failure.

The solution? A simple cooling shower directs water flow to the top cap, lowering temperatures of the whole unit. Though the folks behind this shower at Hardin Marine clearly prioritize function over form, the product definitely encompasses both: The Sport Tech is the only unit we’ve seen that looks like it was made specifically for the stern drive, as opposed to just a generic tube or welded box structure.

Check out the video and enjoy our experts’ PBN Tech TV review of the Hardin Marine Sport Tech Drive Showers: