We’re here to show you just how and why a sea strainer may be a necessity for your boat. If you have a stock or mild performance offshore boat, then you need a top quality sea strainer to keep damaging debris such as small wood particles or sea weed from damaging or clogging your engines water inlet supply.

Today we will demonstrate some of the features of the industry’s most commonly purchased sea strainer from Hardin Marine. This units are easy to plumb with 1″ NPT dual inlet / outlets and a compact design which means it can be installed just about anywhere in the engine compartment.

Unlike many sea strainers requiring tools and or other assistance to service, this units simple single hand operation make it the “Star of the Sea” over other competing strainers. Simple, easy to use service will leave you more time for boating. Take a look as our Tech TV staff goes over the details of this quality piece: