Starters are often one of the most forgotten or least appreciated items on a boat until they don’t work. Then the saga just begins, as let’s face it they have to be the least accessible item in any boat.

This makes quality by far the number one concern. If you’ve been a victim of a cheap Chinese import than you know you’ll never let it happen again. The folks at Pertronix recongnized that their entire product line is something the industry has come to bank on. After years of building the most durable ignition systems anywhere they set out to revolutionize the product they most rely on to work with their ignitions and that’s a reliable high performing marine starter.

But Pertronix thinks starters should not only perform at their very best but if your starting with a clean sheet of paper to build the best it might as well be a work of art worthy of a look.

The Contour line of starters feature an exclusive fully enclosed body that not only looks great, it protects the starter components from heat and the elements. Starters are available in two finishes of choice polished or black powdercoat .

But looks is not the real reason the Pertronix group designed these starters. Starting grunt and torque are critical to a starters performance. the Contour starters use a powerful proven Nippondenso motors and 4.4:1 gear reduction to produce 200 lbs.-ft. of starting torque—ideal for high compression and large cubic inch marine engines. Another great feature is that the Contour series starters are adjustable for clocking positions to clear headers, oil pans, and tight stringers.

The Pertronix starters can all be found at World Wide Distributors like CP Performance and Hardin Marine

Pertronix Contour Starters are available​ for these engines:

  • 1964-2000 Gen 1 small and big block Chevy, 153 and 168 tooth flywheel
  • GM LS Series engines
  • ​Ford small block, 351W, and 351C, 157 and 164 tooth flywheel
  • 1963-2003 ​Chrysler small block, big block, and 426 Hemi
  • Olds​ 455​ and Pontiac V8 except Pontiac 301