A new benchmark for Miami Boat Show Parties has been set! When the economic meltdown came so did the parties that once ruled the week of the boat show. The vibe had seemed all but lost until Powerboat Nation stepped up to the plate. If you were one of the lucky four hundred party pass holders then you saw just how Powerboat Nation used its south Florida connections to turn the beach alive for one night.

Even though it was a little cold, the players came to play and the bar filled up fast with the Powerboating Who’s Whos. Peter Hledin and the Skater Crew were in the house along with Randy Scism of MTI who brought his crew and Family, Tony Chiaramonte from DCB didn’t mind the chill in the air. Just about everyone who you could think of was in the house. The staff of Total Dollar, Trond and Terry from Nor-Tech High Performance Powerboats, Brett Anderson, Brett Manire, Larry Goldman, Marc Berman, Jason Ventura, Mark Morris, Scott Price, Mike Mays, Randy and Kim Sweers, Mindi Dollar, Joe and Wayne Schaldenbrand,Randy Garcia, Tommy Hofstetter, Jon Arudda, Jeff Johnson and the crew from Adrenaline Marine.

Local Chopper Shop, Chopper Zoo Custom Bikes rolled in Loud and they cruised all the way up Ocean Drive from 5th street to 15th street drawing all the attention with the best custm cpers from South Fr custom T-shirt cannon fired off and the south beach bar kids came in a line that was about 60 people long and the staff of Tequila Chicas could not keep up! This was expected and so was the south beach police and code enforcement. After the second T-Shirt Cannoning and loud shout out thanking our Sponsors,Supporters and members, killjoy private residents living nearby called the cops, who showed up with code enforcement. We’re not sure if it was really the noise or the type of noise. We completely threw them for a curve and instead of the typical South Beach club thump music, and whine of Ferraris and Lambos, we brought a mix of AC/DC,Five Finger Death Punch, and other old school Rock with the thunder of big inch Choppers and a huge crowd of the Powerboating Nation, Builders, Elite Owners, and every type of enthusiasts. It all worked out and while we couldn’t use the microphone anymore we signed the code citation, promised to pay the $1000.00 fine and kept on firing the T Shirt Cannon. Sometimes you got to pay to play, and everyone in attendance definitely played! We’ve already hatched a new surprise the pretentious South Beach Code Police for next year and I think it’s worth every penny they could fine us!

Thanks to all our Sponsors, supporters, and members for coming and a special thanks to Laura of Hot Models 4 Hire for assembling a great group of beautiful girls who girls who despite the cold sucked it up and worked through the night greeting the crowd and making everyone smile wide as they flashed their VIP pass to get in and kept all the bystanders in awe wondering what they were missing and why they could not.

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