On the West Coast, Tom Orseno owner of Pro Marine is known to have one of the best power boating service centers in the Lake Havasu area for over 25 years. Pro marine is at the leading edge as a recognized service center for all leading brands, makes, and models.

Tom’s passion is performance, and he’s no stranger to building big horsepower. Having come through the ranks of power boating like many Tom made the journey from a 25′ Baja, to a 24′ HTM, and finally a 30′ HTM. Catamarans and speed are in Tom’s blood and he wanted to build a statement piece to be the flagship of his company’s brand and he recognized it was the right time that the opportunity to build a new floating show piece that would highlight his company’s extraordinary craftsmanship.

Building this type of boat lumps one into the category of one of the West Coast’s“Big Guns”. The definition of Big Guns has certainly attained a more defined definition of late and to be a Lake Havasu “Big Gun”you need a high horsepower boat with the ability to pull a big number. Production boats are now capable of eclipsing the 160 MPH mark so it takes a real precision built boat and engine package to make your name or at least stay recognized in this game.

Tom knew there were possibly a few boats capable of knocking on the 180 MPH door but in the end he looked to another Lake Havasu native in Nordic Boats. Tom proposed the objectives and the mark he wanted to achieve and the crew at Nordic Boats went to work to build him a 2013 34′ Nordic Hurricane composite hull with some bottom side tweaks to provide a stable boat at speed. They wanted a boat that was light and strong and Nordic delivered with a 4600 lb. hull, deck, and tanks combo. Next a custom trailer was delivered from Competitive trailers and the boat headed for the PRO Marine facility.

Once at PRO Marine Tom wanted to build a tunnel extension to give the boat the added stability of a longer boat. Tom fabricated a mock up template and had a very unique custom fiber glass extension manufactured and equipped the unit with custom billet cylinders and mounting plate.

For the engine build Tom chose to use his years of high performance experience and showcase his talents building his new boats power. The build features nothing but the very best products. The engines are 572 cubic inch and feature Arias Blocks, Dart 410 Cylinder heads, and a custom rotating assembly. The engine features a highly modified 14-71 Hi-Helix Supercharger as well as a custom 10 injector EFI fuel delivery system developed at Pro Marine. Tom says the engine will make right at 1400 horsepower and will be capable of doing that on 91 octane fuel which is something only a few have been able to accomplish. Tom credits a few of the West Coasts premier suppliers with some help along the way. Tom credits Mike from CP Performance with a load of support when it came to choosing an array of Hardin Marine accessories for the engines drive accessories, Sand Strainer,Sea Strainers, and Hurricane Big Tube Header system.

To harness this power and direct it to water Tom knew that with his horsepower choice that he only had a couple of options. Tom recognized he could hang a traditional out drive off the back of his boat. But he also recognized that there is a shift among the industry and boaters in the 30′ and up catamaran market to the strong and reliable Arneson Industries drive. Of late many blistering fast custom build catamarans are coming out of shops around the country with Arneson drives. Taking notes from the pages of some of the the industries fastest cats Tom made the call to Rik Wimp of Arneson industries. Tom credits Rik with a tremendous amount of support in the effort of not only choosing the right drives which are the new ASD7’s but also the gearing and prop set-up that they will use as a base line.Calculations show the boat using a 1:32 gear ratio with a 40 pitch propeller as the starting point.

We will keep you posted with the final results of this build.