There is no doubt Autometer is recognized as the world leader in performance instrumentation, but what many don’t realize is the true effect that taking that standard gauge and altering it with custom colors and designs can do or create in a boats overall appearance. Gauges, when done well, are like the cherry on top of your sundae, the ultimate accent piece to bring out the unique design of your boat and that much more. In this day and age gauges are no longer simple instruments to measure speed, rpm, or other stats. They add style. And let’s face it, we’re all about boating in style. Let’s take an in depth look at what today’s gauges are made of and how one company such as Autometer has been able to expand exponentially with their multiple, unique product lines.

Autometer has always been an industry leader when it comes to performance gauges and accessories. With over 67 separate and unique gauge series designed and released to date, they have dedicated their energy and focus to developing a gauge for every single application and style out there. Operating on both ends of the spectrum Autometer can take you from pro-comp versions designed entirely for performance and competition, to classic antique styles accented with ivory made to reflect the luxury and age of your vessel.

For example, Autometer’s Marine Chrome Series is the pinnacle of luxury design on the surface with an under layer capable of handling the most strenuous conditions and powerful engines. The design is perfectly described as “recalling an era of distinct design and unapologetic luxury.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum lies Autometer’s colored, modern performance bezels and gauges. Designed to both compliment your boat’s current paint scheme or even stand out in contrast, these ultra high performance gauges use custom colors and designs to do the job. At Autometer you can count on a quality product tailored exactly to your needs because they custom produce and assemble the gauges you choose on site after placing your order. Designed with UV resistant components and custom colors that match any color scheme of your choice, these aren’t your run of the mill gauges you can buy anywhere. They are the simply the best. Find these ultra color gauges at the well known CP Performance!


These examples are just a few of the many products Autometer has to offer the marine and auto industry. Don’t limit yourself to settling for anything less than perfect, and Autometer makes it easy to achieve that.

Whether you’re looking for a single replacement or planning on redoing the entire spread, we can assure you that we choose Autometer every time!