Roger “Deets” Winslow, is missing and presumed dead after he was ejected from his Elmininator on Lake Berryessa, California on Saturday.

Winslow was driving his Twin Engine Eliminator along a section of Lake Berryessa called The Narrows with two passengers on board when something caused the boat, which had been driving on a straight course, to rock suddenly in one direction and jerk back in another. The force threw him over the side into the deep water, according to reports from the Napa County Sheriff’s Office. When his passengers regained control of the boat and circled around to pick him up, they only found signs that he may have been injured. Reports by the passengers to the Sherrif’s department state that he may have possibly been thrown over the side and sucked under striking the propeller.

Winslow’s passengers has also reported that one of the engines had been making knocking noises earlier in the day, but it is unknown whether this is related to the accident or not. Low water levels in California have been responsible for a number or accidental groundings lately as unknown mounds previously over a dozen feet deep have pushed to the surface with dropping water levels, but it is also not known if this was a factor and investigations are still ongoing.

Winslow was a frequent customer of CP Performance in nearby Rohnert Park, CA. When reached for comment, CP’s general manager Jim Stedry said: “Deets was a great customer of ours for many years. He was in here a lot getting parts for one boat or another. It saddens all of us here to learn of his passing.”

Winslow, 49, of Glen Ellen, CA was described by friends and family as positive and friendly. A popular mentor and coach who led the Sonoma Valley High School wrestling team for more than two decades, Winslow lived in Glen Ellen but he and his wife, Heidi, owned a boathouse on the lake, his family said. He leaves behind three children, a daughter Kayla, 14, and sons, Tyler, 13, and Jordan, 22.