Powerboat Nation is proud to present the official pre-pilot episode of our new and upcoming reality TV programming set to air in 2017! In an effort to bring our love of powerboating to the masses, this episode tackles the Key West Poker Run and Races, and the challenges and rewards that accompany it.

Key West has been described as The Daytona or Superbowl of powerboating, and it’s our mission to capture and create the insane environment and antics , filled with high speed powerboats, models, and the can’t-miss parties that take place here every year. Come hell or high tide, PBN fights through engine trouble, failed deadlines, and a host of other issues to bring you the very best of the best.

We’ll be releasing the pre-pilot episode online in four easy to watch parts. Thanks to Hardin Marine and CP Performance, who have sponsored the first part of our pilot episode.

Get ready for a full season of fast action and tons of powerboat mayhem. Enjoy!