The Miami Boat Show is the true tell all about the future 2013 and identifies who is “REALLY” committed to the future of our industry.

While there is a lot of talk from the financial experts about a cautiously optimistic 2013 with an upward trend the truth of the matter is the growth is coming from those that have dug in and stayed committed to the success of powerboating for all of us. This commitment is a huge undertaking and it takes real commitment and investment for so many companies to trek thousands miles to support the premier boat show of the year.

The Miami Boat Show is where you will see who is and who is not committed to the future of power boating. When things are uncertain and the risk reward proposition looks bleak, the easy way out is to pull back and not stick it out. We have found a group of companies who are committed and because of this commitment are making sales and becoming stronger even with this guarded optimism. Here are just a few examples of companies that are surging forward today.

Daves Custom Boats not only did they invest in new tooling for the M41 they are coming all the way to Miami to show it off and play around in the waters of South Florida after the show is over.

CP Performance will display more marine accessories than any other vendor at the show and continues to grow its product line at a rapid pace.

Arneson Industries will have its popular drive conversion kits on display.

BBlades propellers will debut their extended propeller offerings.

Hardin Marine will debut a number of new products including engine conversion products for the popular GM LS based engines.

MTI and Sunsation are showing up withbrand new models.

The Miami Boat Show is going to be fun, but it will also be rewarding for those companies who
remain committed to the industry!