PowerBoat Nation is excited to at last reveal one of the most secretive boat builds ever and now take the cover off Bill Pyburn Jr. Brand new 388 Pure Platinum Skater, this is the second boat in the Platinum Edition Series and is the result of thousands of hours of work from a long list of craftsman and vendors.

Bill has essentially become the de-facto project manager for these builds. As a unique customer Bill has had vast on board experience , literally thousands of hours of time running fast catamarans and this has given him the unique ability to transform these builds into the the very best high performance catamarans available.

The build had to have great detail and the interior had to rival a Lamborghini or Ferrari and be nothing of a boat we’ve ever seen before. Designed and built by Jamie Borg of Cutting Edge Upholstery Inc, Jamie has spent countless hours a record amount of time. I am sure of unbelievable amount of time creating art in an interior of a boat.


Bill wanted/needed a 200MPH GPS but they don’t exist on the shelf, he also wanted a flush faced gauge that didn’t exist. But the team at AUTOMETER designed the programming and chips required to produce the first 200 MPH GPS speedometer gauge. But Autometer doesn’t build a flush faced gauge so Bill Bill turned to HARDIN MARINE to question if numerous things were possible? How do you turn the conventional instruments into flush gauges. Hardin was up for the task and designed a brand new Lexan lens capable of making the instruments a reality.

Then Bill wanted controls that were ergonomically designed to the operator, just as a fighter pilot style control that is custom fit to his own hand. To achieve this dozens of sample models those constructed and when the final model fit Bills hand it was manufactured.

In an effort to eliminate all polished finishes Bill realized the ultimate finish will be black nickel plating. But nothing is available in that finish so when Bill contacted the worlds elite steering wheel manufacture for an option they didn’t have it. So again the folks at Hardin Marine were tasked with cutting apart a brand new steering wheel modifying , dipping it in black nickel and then air shipping it to Italy where they dropped everything to reconstruct the wheel and air ship it back to make this feat come together for today.

This great boat needed paint but just ordinary paint would not do, so once again the artist was called up and thousands of man hours were applied to creating a dazzling piece of art that is capable of moving to speeds of 200 MPH. Dean Loucks, the talent, that applies real art on boats and other moving objects has created a new incredible piece that still captures the theme and fame of the Pyburn Pure Platinum Boats. TAOD Art!

For the incredible POWER! You all know by know we have been talking about GOODWIN COMPETITION. Hundreds of hours in custom design work to create the finished package into the work of art you see here. The staggering horsepower and torque numbers are incredible but the bigger story is how these engines have been engineered into a platform that will bring a evolution of the next generation of marine power plants.


PETER and his beloved SKATER’s. This is easy…Bill has had all the boats, wore all the T-Shirts, and can say with extreme confidence he as been there and done that. He is now on his third SKATER and knows better than anyone that the performance, handling, speed, and comfort comes from one builder and he has spoken to us all through is action. Peter has allowed the growth and evolution or refinement to the 388 hull to make it that much better.

Now the boat is here, its done, and will go into service at your nearest poker run. The job of maintaining this Masterpiece Watercraft is left to Jason Ventura and his team of Brand X Hi Performance Marine. You can be sure the boat will always be ready to run and run fast. Bill and Jason will now spend a ton of time showing all of us exactly what this entire team of enthusiastic craftsman have created.